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Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank: Our Top Aquarium Picks in 2023

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by Jason Matthews



Our Top Picks 

Best 10-Gallon Fish Tank for Tropical Fish – Aqueon Fish Tank

This 10-gallon aquarium has a preset heater that ensures the water temperature remains 78 degrees, the ideal temperature for tropical fish. 

Best 10-Gallon Fish Tank for Saltwater Setup – Fluval Sea Evo XII

This tank provides adequate lighting for coral health and growth. 

Best 10-Gallon Fish Tank for Beginners – Glofish Fish Tank

The Glofish tank has all the necessary accessories, including an internal filter, LED lighting, and fish food sample to get beginners started. 

For good reasons, most beginners and novice aquarists often purchase 10-gallon fish tanks. 10-gallon fish tanks can hold several fish and aquarium plants, both floating and rooted plants. They are not too huge and can be placed on a sturdy stand, desk, or table. 

10-gallon fish tanks require less maintenance than nano tanks and are budget-friendly. Besides, they are excellent breeding and quarantine tanks. 

But let’s face it. Finding the best 10-gallon tank can be challenging, considering the numerous options available. This is why we have compiled our top five 10-gallon fish tanks to help you narrow your choices. 

The Top 5 10-Gallon Fish Tanks

1. Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit

Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit with LED Lighting 10 Gallon Fish Tank
2,016 Reviews

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The Aqueon Aquarium is the perfect 10-gallon fish tank for tropical fish as it features a preset shatter-resistant heater that maintains water temperature at 78 degrees. Tropical fish such as tetras and guppies thrive at such warm temperatures. Nevertheless, you can turn off the heater if you do not have tropical fish.

The aquarium comes with a starter kit that includes everything you need when caring for your fish. Including a power filter with a cartridge, LED hood, thermometer, water conditioner, and food sample reduces the likelihood of beginners’ mistakes. 

Its QuietFlow Power filter provides 5-stage filtration to eliminate particles, odors, discoloration, ammonia, nitrites, and toxins. A built-in LED on the filter flashes red when the cartridge needs changing, thus reducing guesswork and maintenance hassle.

Three sets of white LED lights provide optimum illumination to your fish tank. Meanwhile, the silicone seals ensure the tank remains watertight to prevent leaks.


  • QuietFlow Filtration system offers 5-stage filtration and runs quietly
  • Red flashing LED light when you need to replace the cartridge
  • Preset 50W submersible heater
  • Filter cycles 100 gallons per hour
  • It comes with accessories such as a food sample, water conditioner, and a fishnet

2. Fluval Sea Evo XII Aquarium

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Technically, the Fluval Sea EVO XII is not a 10-gallon tank, but we had to include it as the best marine aquarium on this list. Its 14000K LED lighting system is super bright and promotes coral’s healthy growth while offering total illumination. You can conveniently switch between day and night light options. 

A foam filter, a carbon insert, and a BioMax insert provide powerful mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. The pump has a flow rate of 132 gallons per hour. The filtration system is concealed from view by a stylish honeycomb matrix. 

This fish tank allows seamless integration with a protein skimmer and a submersible heater in its rear chamber. However, you need to purchase these accessories separately. 

The removable cover provides fast access to the rear side without disrupting the fish. A large cutout on the multifunctional canopy allows easy feeds. 


  • Super-bright LEDs promote coral growth, color, and health
  • Filtration system concealed in the rear
  • Day and night light modes
  • Biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration keeps the tank clean
  • A sleek, water-proof casing

3. Glofish 10 Gallon Aquarium

GloFish Aquarium Fish Tank Kits, Includes Fish Tank Decorations and LED Lighting, Tetra Filter and Water Conditioner, 10 Gallon
2,742 Reviews
GloFish Aquarium Fish Tank Kits, Includes Fish Tank Decorations and LED Lighting, Tetra Filter and Water Conditioner, 10 Gallon
  • INCLUDES ALL THE ESSENTIALS FOR SUCCESS: Includes a 10-gallon glass aquarium, an LED lighting system, a Tetra Whisper Internal Filter, water conditioner, a fish food sample and a setup/care guide

Last update on 2023-09-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The GloFish tank kit includes a filter, a lighting system, a water conditioner, and a fish food sample which puts beginners on a path to fishkeeping success. It also comes with a detailed guide to facilitate easy and fast assembly.  

The fish tank accentuates the decor in your home with its unique LED lighting. The white and blue energy-efficient lights make tropical and GloFish fluorescent fish more vibrant. Besides, most people find blue LED lights calming. 

The provided Tetra Whisper Internal Filter maintains pristine water conditions. A filter cartridge is also included and is easy to replace. The 50W heater regulates the water temperature to make it optimum for tropical fish, while the thermometer allows easy temperature monitoring,

This 10-gallon unit boasts a sturdy construction with airtight silicone sealing.


  • GloFish gravel, décor, and ornaments add pops of color
  • White and blue LEDs for a vibrant aquarium
  • A Tetra Whisper filter keeps water clean
  • Fish food sample, water conditioner, and care guide provided
  • Heater ensures warm water temperatures

4. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Marina LED Aquarium Kit, 10 gallon
2,026 Reviews
Marina LED Aquarium Kit, 10 gallon
  • 10 U.S. gallon glass aquarium

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This 10-gallon glass aquarium comes with a compact Marina Slim S15 clip-on power filter, meaning you can place the tank against a wall. The ultra-quiet filter traps floating debris, pollutants, ammonia, and discoloration. There are Bio-Clear and Bio-Carb replacement cartridges for quick changes. 

The hood features pre-installed, energy-saving LED lights. They recreate natural daylight to enhance fish and vegetation colors. Unfortunately, the lights do not have a nighttime mode. You can either switch them on or off. 

Marina LED Aquarium Kit offers more than the 10-gallon tank, clip-on filter, and LED lights. You also get a water conditioner, fish food, biological supplement, a fish net, and a care guide.

The water conditioner removes chlorine and other chemicals from tap water, while the biological supplement helps cycle the tank.  


  • The Clip-on filter system makes it easier to remove and change filter cartridges.
  • Energy-saving LED lights for daytime lighting
  • The biological supplement introduces beneficial bacteria.
  • Durable tempered glass
  • The hood has a feeding door 

5. Penn-Plax 10-Gallon Tank

PENN-PLAX Water-World Radius Desktop Nano Aquarium Kit – Includes LED Light, Internal Filter, and Mat – Perfect for Shrimp and Small Fish – 10 Gallon Tank
540 Reviews
PENN-PLAX Water-World Radius Desktop Nano Aquarium Kit – Includes LED Light, Internal Filter, and Mat – Perfect for Shrimp and Small Fish – 10 Gallon Tank
  • CONVENIENT FOR SMALL SPACES: The Radius Desktop Aquarium Kit is perfect for small or unused spaces: a desk, dresser, or even on top of the old file cabinet that hasn’t been touched in years. This frameless tank is made from finely constructed bent glass that’s 1/8” thick. At the front, it features 2 curved corners, allowing for unobstructed views from all angles.

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The Penn-Plax fish tank measures 17.75 x11.75 x 12.63 inches (L x W x H), making it a perfect size to place on a desktop, dresser, or cabinet. This is the only fish tank on the list without a frame, as it is built of 1/8” thick, bent glass. The under-tank mat prevents scratching. 

The tank offers unobstructed views from the lid, corners, and sides. This means it receives light from all angles. The silver LED light adds lighting, but you cannot adjust its brightness level. 

The cascade 300 submersible filter cycles 70 gallons of tank water per hour, which is adequate for a 10-gallon fish tank. It runs quietly while providing biological and mechanical filtration. Unfortunately, you must perform regular water changes as the filter lacks chemical filtration. 


  • Allows unobstructed views
  • The submersible filter features an internal bio-sponge and carbon cartridge.
  • The filter provides a 70 GPH flow rate
  • Made of quality glass to hold 10 gallons of water
  • Ideal for small spaces

Buying Guide for the Best 10-Gallon Fish Tank

What exactly should you look for in a 10-gallon fish tank? Here are five factors to keep in mind when browsing your options. 

Types & Dimensions

As a beginner, you may have noticed that 10-gallon fish tanks vary depending on manufacturers. Although they all hold 10 gallons, they come in unique styles hence the differing measurements. Nevertheless, there are two main styles:

  • Leader Tanks (Standard 10-gallon Tanks): These are the most popular and generally measure 20 x 10 x 12 inches. They feature a rim, plastic frame, and at times an elevated base. Since they are more popular, it is much easier to find accessories and equipment. 
  • Portrait-Style Tanks (10-gallon Tall): These fish tanks are taller than leader tanks but narrower. They often measure 16 x 8 x 17 inches and the narrow width limits swimming space for most fish. 

You will also find curved front tanks with rounded front sides for better views on the inside. Low-profile tanks minimize the visibility of the waterline as they are shorter but wider. Meanwhile, rimless tanks have sharp, exposed edges but offer unobstructed views of your tank’s inhabitants. 

Construction Material 

Ten gallons of water weigh approximately 83 pounds. Therefore, you must find a 10-gallon fish tank with sturdy construction materials. The most common materials are glass, acrylic, and plastic. So let us break down each material. 

Features Glass AcrylicPlastic
CostCheaperMore ExpensiveCheapest
WeightHeavier than acrylicLightweightLightweight
Damage ResistanceCan crack under immense forceImpact-resistantCracks under intense pressure
Scratch ResistanceMore scratch-resistant than plastic and acrylicScratches easilyScratches easily
Sunlight ExposureIt does not discolor or turn yellowTurns yellowTurns yellow
Chemical ReleaseDoes not leach or absorb chemicals from the waterMay release or absorb chemicalsMay release chemicals in the water
Distortion EffectMinimal effect when looking at fishMore distortion than glass tanksMore distortion compared to acrylic tanks
DesignsIt does not conform to different shapesMore versatile than glass with a broader range of shapesIt can be molded into different styles

Each material has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, we recommend glass fish tanks as they offer more benefits. 

Tank Equipment

A fish tank needs more elements than water to sustain aquatic life. A filtration system, heater, thermometer, air pumps, gravel, and aquatic plants are equally essential to keep your fish happy and healthy. 

Some 10-gallon tanks like Aqueon Aquarium and Marina LED Aquarium Kit come with these accessories making it easy to get started. However, if your preferred fish tank does not offer this equipment, you must purchase it separately. Only choose high-quality equipment, as it could mean life or death for your fish.

Freshwater Vs. Saltwater Aquarium

You must also establish whether you intend to keep freshwater or marine fish in the 10-gallon tank. Freshwater tanks require more maintenance and equipment than saltwater aquariums. 

For instance, freshwater tanks require mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. However, the live rocks in saltwater aquariums provide biological filtration. 

Fluval Sea EVO XII stood out as our best fish tank for saltwater fish thanks to its bigger size and high-quality LED system that sustains coral growth and beauty. 


The initial purchase price of the 10-gallon tank is not the only cost you must consider. You also need to factor in hidden costs like power bills. 

Remember, you need to run the filter 24/7. Plus, you will need to perform weekly changes and filter changes. Calculating these costs upfront can help you choose the best 10-gallon fish tank. 

What Fish Should I Get for a 10-Gallon Tank?

You are spoilt for choice on the types of fish and invertebrates you can add to your 10-gallon fish tank. Here are our top options.

Male betta fishGouramisSwordtailsBlue daniosCherry shrimp
Two female bettasDwarf GouramisCardinal tetrasDwarf corydorasGhost shrimp
Cory catfishNeon tetrasEmber tetrasAfrican dwarf frogsAmano shrimp
Fancy GuppiesChili RasborasHarlequin RasborasDwarf crayfishNerite snails
MolliesPlatiesZebra daniosKuhli loachMystery snails

Before getting any of the above fish, research their optimal living conditions. The tetras, for example, are schooling fish and thrive in numbers. So you need to keep several tetras in the 10-gallon tank. Meanwhile, snails produce a high bioload and easily dirty the fish tank if you overstock them or have a poor maintenance routine. 

For more information, read our fish species guide for 10-gallon tanks here.

How Many Fish Should Be in a 10-Gallon Tank?

This depends on the fish species you want to keep, their bioload, equipment, decorations, and plants you add to the tank.

Regarding fish species, a 10-gallon tank does not offer sufficient swimming room for a single goldfish but can house two female bettas or six neon tetras. The addition of plants and accessories can reduce swimming space, thus affecting how many fish you can have in the tank

How Often Should I Clean My 10-Gallon Fish Tank?

We recommend cleaning at least once a week. Remember, clean tank water is vital for the survival of your fish. When the water is polluted with toxic ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates, it won’t take long before your fish’s immunity is compromised, then death. 

How Often Do I Have to Change the Water in a 10-Gallon Tank?

A 10-gallon tank requires 10 to 15% water change per week. If the tank is heavily stocked, perform a 25% water change. Observing this routine will not stress your fish or disrupt the biological balance in the tank. 
You can vacuum the substrate when changing the tank water. But do not change or clean the filter during this time as it harbors beneficial bacteria.  


Buying the best 10-gallon fish tank is the beginning of your successful fishkeeping journey. The tank should have a durable construction to hold the weight of water and tank equipment. It should also feature a powerful filtration system to guarantee optimal living conditions for your fish. We hope this guide helps you choose the best 10-gallon aquarium. But if you want something smaller, read our best 5-gallon fish tank review.


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